Subway, Eat Meth

Tanis Ukena UtahMeet Tanis Ukena, the All-American boy.

Tanis works at a Salt Lake City Subway restaurant, and he shows his appreciation toward police by giving them a little something extra… on the house.

A Utah sandwich shop employee has been arrested on accusations he put methamphetamine and THC into the drink of a uniformed police officer.

A probable cause statement filed Tuesday says the Layton police sergeant immediately felt impaired after getting the drink at a Subway restaurant Monday. He struggled to find the brake pedal of his patrol car at a red light and couldn’t answer questions at the police station.

Tanis Ukena was arrested on suspicion of giving a poisonous substance. He denied the allegations. Police don’t know why Ukena drugged the drink.

Gee, I think I can venture a guess. Maybe it has something to do with the hatred the Left is stirring up against police officers? Maybe it has something to do with the media pushing the “cops kill people for no reason” narrative? Maybe it has something to do with the President of the United States embracing thugs like Black Lives Matter and its bottom-feeders?

Incidents like this have become the norm rather than the exception, and most of the uniformed cops I know steer well clear of fast food restaurants.


7 thoughts on “Subway, Eat Meth

  1. Guess I would be bringing my lunch to work in this day and age. Other than being a total complete asshole, Tanis looks like an okay guy.


  2. Unfortunately, while the left immediately blames the NRA for each and every mass shooting, etc. they refuse to accept responsibly for stirring the pot and getting these idiots all worked up. It seems to me that the left and the main stream media are hell bent on destroying this country.


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