Easy Wider

Tuna CanA new study claims instead of suffering through a toothpick between the legs, more men are opting for submarine surgery. However, many men are foregoing length, and concentrating on width.

When it comes to dimensions, it appears that penis girth, rather than length, is what troubles men most. Now, in a bid to boost their body confidence, more and more men are opting to have cosmetic procedures to make their manhood wider.

A new study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, claims the reason is not only to improve appearance, but to ‘improve the satisfaction of female partners’. Its author, Dr Luis Casavantes, who runs a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, claims demand is growing and he now treats hundreds of men each year.

Because when I choose risky genital plastic surgery, I want to place my penis in the hands of a Tijuana surgeon.

Dr Casavantes’ treatment involves injecting a pocket between the penis shaft and the skin with gel.

Okay, my penis was not made by Nike, so there is no need to provide some gel inserts. Not that I would need this, anyway; I already possess the girth of your above-average sized tuna can.

8 thoughts on “Easy Wider

  1. I may be an old codger, but I have three kids. Well, three young men. I figure my package must have some useful value if I managed that. Getting a dick job is about as stupid as getting a boob job.


  2. Can you imagine the sag factor after a few years? Think of boob implants which have lost the battle with gravity. Let’s see a show of hands: Who wants a pear-shaped prick? Anybody? (chirp, chirp)


  3. Mike – Not I! True story: When I was a cop, we received a medical call for a man who was having trouble standing. The man was about 85, and was stuck on the toilet. The medics lifted him up, and his, um, sack sagged about six inches. It was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. When I get older, I’m getting a tuck.


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