If She Ain’t Broke…

Hillary Clinton ShruggingHillary Clinton released her tax returns yesterday, and played up the angle she and Bill made much less in 2015 than in previous years.

The Democratic presidential candidate and her horndog husband made a measly 10.7 million dollars.

Mrs. Clinton hoped the release would embarrass GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has refused to release any of his, while also shining a light on the high rate she and her husband paid in their own taxes. The power couple reported earning $10.7 million in income in 2015, and claimed a tax liability of $3.6 million.

It’s a major drop in income from the more than $28 million they earned in 2014 and $27 million in 2013 — the two years after Mrs. Clinton left the State Department, but before she was running for president.

All told, the couple earned $151.5 million over the past nine years, and some $238 million since they left the White House in 2001.

I’m old enough to remember when Hillary claimed she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. But yes, let’s give this woman the presidency… for funsies.

16 thoughts on “If She Ain’t Broke…

  1. HilLIARy is the biggest crook to get this far, I’ll offer some really GOOD news:

    Here’s a prediction:

    Clinton wins.

    Republican’ts lose the Senate and come damned close to losing the House.
    Republican’ts lose several governorships.

    The country then turns into another Argentina/Brazil/Italy/Portugal/Spain and welfare is how people live… in shitty apartments with shitty cars, but able to go see ball games, have the newest phones and largest TVs… all within 15 years. Republican’ts, if they EVER win back the Presidency AND Senate will do nothing, as attitudes will be so entrenched, and the tit so deep in peoples’ mouths, nothing will be able to be done. Meanwhile, the rich get monstrously richer and the middle class ceases to exist.

    Care to bet against this?


  2. RG – Not on your life. I’m done with the GOP and will giggle at its demise. I believe Hillary will win easily – not because of Trump, but because there are so many GOP establishment politicians/media actively working against him. Plus, the douche canoe “conservative” running against him as an Independent.

    Dennis Prager had a terrific point the other day. A Hillary presidency will mean the death of a conservative SCOTUS – or even a balanced one – for our lifetimes. We will be dead before there is even a chance to get conservatives into that branch of government.


  3. That $238 Million doesn’t include the millions of dollars in travel, food, lodging and “miscellaneous expenses” they receive from the “Clinton Foundation”, nor the fact that every time they fund their slush fund, they take a write off on their taxes as a “charitable contribution”.
    Poor Hilly has it rough!


  4. Proof – People complain about the Obama’s expensive getaways. Imagine what the Clintons will do. Again. I mean, besides taking all the White House silverware and China.


  5. Some people like to say she could kill & eat puppies & kittens & no one will blink. I like to think (cause you CAN’T say this out loud) that she could kill a dozen poor black kids & grind them up to sprinkle on her food & no one will blink.

    Course, she’s also reaching Jabba proportions the way she’s gaining weight.


  6. MelP – I agree with you. If anyone else ran a private e-mail server passing along top-secret information, lied to Congress, left CIA operatives to die, or used their charitable foundation as a money-laundering operation, they would be sitting in federal prison.

    This woman is involved in all that – and more – and she will be elected president.


  7. I contemplated this over night and was thinking about the 2nd Amendment. We all know it will end when she is elected. That caused me to think about only the police being allowed to have guns. Then, it dawned on me, not only will we not be allowed to have guns, the police won’t either. Sure, they’ll have one, but all of them will know that if they use it, they will go to jail. So, essentially, NOBODY will have guns. Well… except of course the bad guys. They be shooting cops and citizens with impunity. Go HilLIARy!


  8. RG – The only people with guns would be the criminals, because 1. they don’t give a rat’s ass about the law, and 2. there will be a huge black market for guns. Like there is now on the streets.


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