Sunday Services

Nathan Adrian US Swimming

Despite the past week’s treasure chest – heh – of Olympic babes I have not forgotten the ladies. Thus, this week’s version of Sunday Services will go on as planned. (The Olympic Babe O’ The Day will be posted a little later.) In the meantime, I figured some male Olympic athletes may fit the bill.

First up, is Nathan Adrian (above), a 27-year old U.S. swimmer. Nathan had a pretty good Olympics, earning a gold medal and a bronze.

There are more athletes below the fold…

Next up is the guy the media is calling Leonardo DiCaprio’s double, 27-year old U.S. archer Brady Ellison. Brady may not be the sexiest guy in the games, but he’s a damn good archer and a true alpha male. Ellison earned a silver medal and a bronze in Rio.

Brady Ellison US Archery

Finally, we have Jacob Dalton, a 24-year old heterosexual – yes, really – U.S. gymnast. Sadly, Dalton and the rest of the men’s gymnasts will be going home empty-handed, as their routines never got off the ground.

Jake Dalton US Gymnastics

Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!


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