A Piss Before Dying

Chaunte Lee FordMeet Chaunte Lee Ford.

Chaunte is a desirable, mesmerizing woman who also works as a St. Louis Park, Minnesota police officer.

Chaunte, if that is her real name, believes the rules don’t apply to her, especially when she’s trying to have a good time.

An off-duty police officer was walking toward the bar when he heard a loud crash. Multiple patrons standing in front of the bar yelled and waved their arms, saying the car that hit the parked vehicle was driving away. The off-duty officer saw a Toyota Scion driving slowly down Lowry Avenue with the front airbag deployed.

Are you sure the airbag deployed, because it looks like Chaunte suffered severe injuries to her mug. Seriously, the chick has a face like a frying pan.

When asked if the Scion was her car, Ford began to cry and said that she was a police officer and that she was sorry.

No harm, no foul. Let’s not only release her, but also throw a parade in her honor. She can be the float.

Ford was allegedly “hostile to the officers” and made “obscene gestures and comments toward them.” When asked if she needed an ambulance, Ford yelled, “F— you. I don’t need an ambulance. F— that and f— you.” She also made general anti-police statements such as, “F— the police! I f—ing hate cops and I hate that I’m a cop! All you guys do is harass black people!”

Yes, how dare those racist cops stop you after you drive drunk, slam into a parked car, and flee the scene on tire rims! Chaunte needs to hire Jackie Chiles, because this is an open-and-shut case.

At one point, Ford pulled down her pants, squatted on the ground and urinated.

There goes the next chief of police.


5 thoughts on “A Piss Before Dying

  1. Seriously, Wyatt, somebody needs to take out that trash. Brave of you to volunteer. Wonder if they will send her to anger management? I doubt it would make a dent.


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