Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Antonija Sandrić Bikini

Today’s Olympic babe is Antonija Sandrić, a 28-year old basketball player from Croatia. Antonija is not only crazy stupid hot, but she’s also heterosexual! What are the odds?

Antonija Sandrić, is a Croatian professional basketball player who plays for Toulouse Métropole Basket in the Ligue Féminine de Basketball and for the Croatia women’s national basketball team. She plays as a point guard and shooting guard, and is noted for her quick, aggressive style of play. Mišura has also been featured in several polls for the most beautiful sportswoman, and her looks have attracted significant media attention.

Unlike some of the other women’s basketball Amazons, Antonija is only 5’10”, so she’s much more easily doable than, say, a 6’10’ broad.

Antonija Sandrić Basketball

I am actually speechless after seeing this woman; she is perfect in every way.

There are more photos below the fold…

Show of hands: who wants to wake up to this every morning?

Antonija Sandrić Tank Top

And who wants to go to bed with this every night?

Antonija Sandrić

Finally, who wants to be thrown onto the couch by this every hour of every day?

Antonija Sandrić Croatia

If you answer was “Wyatt does!” go to the head of the class.

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