Your Olympic Babe O’ The Day

Joanna Jóźwik

The Rio Summer Olympics conclude Sunday, so I wanted to highlight a personal favorite today. Joanna Jóźwik is a 25-year old middle distance runner from Poland, and she has everything a man could need or want. In fact, her only drawback is she can outrun me.

Joanna Jóźwik (born 30 January 1991 in Wałbrzych) is a Polish female middle distance runner, who specializes in the 800 meters. On August 16, 2014, she won the bronze medal at the 2014 European Championship with a new personal outdoor best of 1:59.63.

Joanna won her semifinal race Thursday, and will be running in the 800m medal race tonight at 8:15pm.

Joanna Jóźwik Track

Natch, there are more photos below the fold.

Our next door neighbors – the good ones – emigrated here from Poland. The wife, who is in her 60’s is still attractive, and their daughters are all ridiculously hot. Now, I’m sure not every polish woman is gorgeous, but Joanna certainly is.

Joanna Jóźwik Poland

She also apparently enjoys wearing bikinis, and her enjoyment gives me enjoyment.

Joanna Jóźwik Bikini

Not many women can rock the over-sized sweater, but I believe Joanna is an exception. Of course, if she needs someone to help keep her warm, I am available at a moment’s notice.

Joanna Jóźwik Sweater Dress

In light of these photos, the decision has been made to invade Poland’s southern border.


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