Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin And Me

Today is my friend Kevin’s birthday! Kevin is one of my oldest and closest friends, and I mean, he’d have to be to put up with me and my family for a week in his Arizona home. We share a love of hockey – especially the Philadelphia Flyers – conservatism, and movies. When something big is released, one of us will usually review it for the other.

I met Kevin nearly twenty years ago, and since then we’ve played ice hockey together, vacationed together, and suffered through surgeries together. Our families are very close, and Kevin and his wife Kari are godparents to my youngest son. They are not just friends, they’re family.

Happy birthday, Kev. I left you a few gifts below the fold in lieu of an actual gift.

I couldn’t make this a birthday post without some sarcasm, so here’s a babe from your my favorite team, The Boston Bruins.

Sarah McCarthy TFP Ice Girl

Okay, I kid. Here’s a freshly-painted Flyers fan.

Philadelphia Flyers Babe

Have a terrific day!

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