The Dark Blight

Drunk BatmanAmerica’s sluggish economy and skyrocketing crime rate has taken its toll on everyone, but now even superheroes are feeling the stress of a world gone mad.

Thankfully, the greatest stress relief known to man is still readily available.

Police in Salamanca (N.Y.) are looking for a costumed crusader who apparently has a thirst for Budweiser beer.

A man wearing a Batman costume and a Captain America mask walked into a Center St. convenience store Tuesday and stole 2 18-packs of Budweiser. The beer is valued at $33.18. Police are still trying to determine the masked man’s alter-ego.

Can superheroes truly be super if they drink Budweiser? You’d think Captain America would swipe some Captain Morgan, and Batman would stock his utility belt with Bacardi.

3 thoughts on “The Dark Blight

  1. In a rare transporter accident, Marvel’s Captain America found his head attached to Batman’s body. The realization that he might have to live out the rest of his life in the DC universe drove him to drink.


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