Sunday Services

Colton Underwood

It’s Ladies Day, so I wanted to get this posted before you all partake in Go Topless Day. This is NFL player Colton Underwood. Colton made news this week when he posted a video asking out Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. Raisman accepted.

Colton Underwood does not understand the national fervor surrounding his new-age manner in the decidedly old-school custom of courting.

“I was just asking a girl on a date,” the Oakland Raiders sixth-string tight end said before practice on Tuesday.

To be fair, that “girl” has been on the international gymnastics stage for years now, and when three-time Olympic gold medalist – and ESPN Body Issue participant – Aly Raisman accepts a professional football player’s advances, people talk.

I gotta hand it to Underwood; it’s a pretty ballsy move to put yourself out there like that, especially when you’re 24-year old unknown NFL tight end.

There are more photos below the fold.

The story at the link states the Raiders have been playing Underwood’s video on a continuous loop during training camp. He had to know that was coming.

Colton Underwood Oakland Raiders

Underwood is an attractive guy, and while I don’t really find Raisman all that pretty, I hope they have a good time.

Colton Underwood With Dog

If not, he can always ask out Michelle Jenneke. Mmm…


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