Comes A Horseman

Travis L Wagner Horse LoverMeet Travis Wagner of Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Travis is a Prince Charming looking for someone who can fit into his glass slipper. Unfortunately, Travis’ Cinderella wears a horseshoe.

According to a release from Ephrata Police, 21-year-old Travis L. Wagner is charged with burglary and sexual intercourse with an animal.

Before you ask, no he did not have sex with Snooki. That was my first guess, too.

Police were called to Indiantown Road in West Cocalico Township. Witnesses said they saw a man park near a barn, enter the structure for a short time and leave. Police were given the suspect’s license plate number.

It was only a short time because Travis offered the animal both the carrot and “the stick.”

When police made contact with Wagner, he admitted that he had entered the barn for the purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse with a miniature horse that lived inside.

Travis saddled up to the miniature horse so he could feel “big” for the first time in his sex life. The sex was so amazing, Travis decided to ask the horse to be his blushing bridle. They plan to wed in Filly.


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