SpaceX Rocket Explodes

NINTCHDBPICT000263461077There was an explosion at Cape Canaveral yesterday, as an unmanned rocket exploded. Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries.

A ROCKET has exploded at Cape Canaveral sending smoke and flames shooting through the sky and shaking nearby buildings. NASA says SpaceX was conducting a test firing of its unmanned rocket when the blast occurred Thursday morning.

The first explosion occurred shortly before 9am with a second blast following about 20 minutes later. Buildings several miles away shook from the blast, and multiple explosions continued for several minutes. A cloud of dark smoke filled the overcast sky.

The blast has taken with it Facebook’s first satellite costing the company a whopping £150 million.

Bawahahahaha! Where’s the “Like” button?

2 thoughts on “SpaceX Rocket Explodes

  1. There goes internet access for Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. That $150 mil is just a drop in the bucket for Zuckerberg.


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