Somebody Give This Guy A Hand

New Carlisle Dental Group Shooting

An elderly Ohio man may be facing charges after accidentally shooting himself inside his dentist’s office. Now I’m no fan of dental visits, but how painful must this guy be if his patients come to the office armed?

A 72-year-old Huber Heights man could be charged with using weapons while intoxicated after reportedly shooting himself in the hand while at the dentist.

A Clark County sheriff’s report states patient, James Short, 72, told police he heard his phone ringing and went to answer it but accidentally grabbed his weapon and shot himself.

Bravo! I’ll bet James will learn his lesson after he meets a different kind of cavity creeps in prison.

There are very few Constitutional amendments I revere more than the Second, but maybe it’s time we rescind this MENSA member’s right to own a firearm.

7 thoughts on “Somebody Give This Guy A Hand

  1. “How drunk was this old goat for pete’s sake???”

    He wasn’t drunk, according to a different story I read. He was under the influence of anesthesia given to him by the dentist – however, under the influence is under the influence, whether legally administered necessary substances or not.

    Pro-tip – If know you’re going to get doped up at the doc’s, leave the gun at home…


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