The Brisbane Of Our Existence

Lakeisha BrisbaneMeet Lakeisha Brisbane.

Lakeisha was voted Most Likely To Be Confused With Aunt Esther in high school, and while her stunning good looks – yes, her face actually stuns me – have not gotten her far, she still has time to help out a friend in need.

An ex-con is facing felony charges after she used a stolen credit card to bail out a woman locked up in a Florida jail. According to court filings, Lakeisha Brisbane, 46, used the victim’s Visa card in three separate transactions–totaling $850–with a Clearwater bail bonds company.

Brisbane used the stolen credit card to bail out Shermaine Arnold, a 21-year-old female acquaintance being held in the Pinellas County lockup, cops allege.

She would have been better off taking that $850 and buying a nice Louis Vuitton bag… for her giant, misshapen head.


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