Who Ya Gonna Paw?


Meet Lacey Wildd. Like most “glamour models,” Lacey believes she is on a mission from god. In Lacey’s case, god blessed her with psychic funbags.

FULL-BOSOMED glamour model Lacey Wildd has revealed her psychic powers – as a spiritualist called GHOSTBUSTY.

Lacey says the universe instructed her to inflate her breasts to a Q-cup so that she could become famous and have a platform to help people spiritually.

Now the surgery addict and mum-of-six has traded in her glamorous lifestyle to live the humble existence of a spiritual medium. Lacey said: “Everything happens for a reason and I know I was supposed to have huge boobs to help the world one soul at a time.

The good news? Lacey can see twice as many clients since she utilizes two crystal balls.

What exactly is the procedure for her customers? Do they walk in, stuff money into her cleavage and pinch a nipple for the clairvoyance to begin? Help me out here.

13 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Paw?

  1. Proof – I’m a boob guy – not a leg guy, because I’ve got legs – but this chick is scary looking. She’d roll over in bed and suffocate me to death. And not in a good way.

    Mike – The eye bleach is in the corner cupboard.


  2. So… I go out of town to visit my grandkids and come back to this post. The above photo was not the best, but holy cow, I clicked on the link and I really, REALLY, need that eye bleach. I need some mouthwash to clean out the puke taste from barfing at the sight of this creature. Boobs are great. I love ’em too, but this woman is just a little be over stuffed.


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