She So Scorny


Meet Shu Xin, voted the hottest bodyguard at China’s G20 Summit. Joe Biden came in a distant third.

A soldier working during the G20 summit in China has been hailed as the ‘prettiest bodyguard’ on China’s social media sites.

As the world leaders met to discuss important issues in Hangzhou, China’s social media was more focused on a bodyguard that had caught a lot of people’s attention. Internet users have identified the woman in the pictures as a female soldier from the People’s Liberation Army.

The woman has been identified as Shu Xin from southern China’s Guiyang city. She is reported to be born in the 90s but no other information has been revealed.

Actually, that is not entirely correct; we also know she wants to taste my egg roll.


My egg roll is spicy, honey, but I’m sure you can “handle” it.

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