The Red Peril

daldykan-river-turns-redNote: The blog is taking the day off from politics because the topics are simply too depressing.

A river in northern Russia has inexplicably turned red, both alarming residents and attracting drunken Soviet winos.

Photos published on Russian social media appear to the show the Daldykan River near the city of Norilsk flowing crimson. Russian authorities have yet to establish a reason for the river’s unusual appearance, but local people quickly linked it to a giant metals plant upstream. Russia’s Environment Ministry said it was investigating the plant as the likely cause.

Norilsk is known as one of the most polluted cities on earth, built around factories mostly belonging to the vast metals company Norilsk Nickel. Some Norilsk residents wrote in a local social media group that they believe the river’s biblical shade is linked to runoff from a nearby smelting plant.

Interesting theory. My guess would be they colored it for the October Revolution, or Russia has its time of the month… again.

6 thoughts on “The Red Peril

  1. I wonder if Russia consulted with the EPA who managed to turn the Colorado River mustard yellow a year ago?? Maybe they’re paying homage to the old Soviet flag.


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