There She… Isn’t?


Meet Arianna Quan. Arianna was recently crowned Miss Michigan, but since then many people are claiming she looks like a wolverine.

Arianna Quan, 23, is in the running for the Miss America crown after becoming Miss Michigan in June. But since then, the Beijing-born title holder has faced an onslaught of nasty criticism and comments about her looks from people on the internet who claim she’s too ‘ugly’ for the role.

Since she won, people living mostly in Mainland China have taken to the internet to insult her and disparage her looks. According to Shanghaiist, they’ve written such awful things as, ‘Is this competition for picking the ugliest person?’, ‘She’s ruining the reputation of Chinese people’, and, condescendingly, ‘Oh. She’s probably very beautiful on the inside.’

Maybe it’s the brain cancer or maybe it’s the psych meds, but Arianna is so hot that two Hobbits just threw a ring at her.


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