Thug Plows Car Into Phoenix Officers


An Arizona thug intentionally rammed his vehicle into three police officers yesterday as they were standing outside a convenience store. Black Lives Matter strikes again.

The man accused of striking three police officers with his vehicle at a Phoenix QuikTrip early Tuesday has been identified as 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne.

An angry Phoenix Police Chief Joe Yahner played a video showing a vehicle pulling out of a parking space, circling the parking lot and then accelerating toward the police officers outside the convenience store.

A 33-year-old police officer who was on his first day of duty suffered a head injury, and a police sergeant, 41, suffered a broken leg. A third officer, 36, managed to jump out of the way but was injured during an extended struggle with the driver.

The video shows the rookie officer thrown several feet in the air and hitting the glass window of the QuikTrip. The officer, whom Yahner would identify only by his first name, Jeremy, then helped take Payne into custody. (H/TKevin)

Kudos to the police officers for apprehending this animal with minimal force. I sincerely doubt I would have been as professional.

The video of the incident is below the fold.

Welcome to Obama’s America; a country where black lives matter, and other lives do not.

Best wishes to the officers for a speedy recovery, and hopefully LaQuon will die a very painful death.

8 thoughts on “Thug Plows Car Into Phoenix Officers

  1. I would have needed a new baton after that encounter, and the medical examiner would have had fun trying to count the broken bones in that perp!


  2. Mike – The irony is they are ruining their own talking points when they decide to murder white cops. Who looks like the ruthless killers, the cops or thugs like LaQuon?

    Doc – I would definitely have blood spatter on my uniform.


  3. MelP – Because to them, black lives only matter when it fits their narrative.

    AV – Philly has a directive stating that. We cannot fire at a moving vehicle, so by policy we should just run and hope for the best.


  4. This dirt bag is lucky he wasn’t shot. My fear is that even in prison he will be a hero for trying to kill police officers. What is wrong with people? If these idiots from BLM put at much time into finding work and then working hard as they do into complaining, whining and blaming others, the country would be a better place. My hope that is this guy has no children because he’s setting a horrible example.


  5. Metoo – Considering how high the rookie went when he was struck, it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed. If BLM truly cared about black lives, they’d be in Chicago, New York and Philly protesting the shooting of black men by black men.


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