Good News, Everyone!

brandon-marshall-kneeling-down-for-national-anthemConsider this an unintended, yet glorious consequence of the spoiled football players’ national anthem protests: the NFL’s TV ratings are dropping faster than Michael Vick’s passes.

For any number of reasons – national anthem protests, blow out games, competition from other networks – ESPN’s doubleheader on Monday night failed to drum up as much interest as years past.

The Steelers vs. Redskins game scored a 9.1 in Nielsen’s NLSN -1.52% metered market ratings while the 49ers vs. Rams posted a 7.1. The early game was down 7% from 2015′s MNF opener while Game 2 fell a whopping 25% with San Francisco viewers actually outnumbering L.A. That’s not the start the league was hoping to have in the country’s second-largest media market.

The NFL has to be disappointed with these numbers. Both CBS’ Sunday afternoon game and NBC’s Sunday Night Football saw their lowest ratings in seven years.

The NFL may be disappointed in those numbers, but I am personally orgasmic over them! F**k the protesting players and f**k the NFL in general. My complete boycott of the NFL began last week, and I cannot say I’ve missed it. I’ll watch college football on Saturdays and doing other things Sundays. The NFL will not receive my money, time, or attention ever again.


12 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. I also saw an article this morning saying that the 49er’s would be releasing Kaepernick but of course made a point of saying his unpatriotic stance had absolutely nothing to do with it. If, in fact, CK goes, I would be curious to see if the others keep taking a knee or forget that whole idiotic plan. Nothing like hitting the owners and tv stations where it hurts……the pocketbook. That always gets results.

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  2. Metoo – I love the NFL. Love it. And yet, I had zero problem ignoring it last weekend. Didn’t watch one snap of the Broncos game, I will never watch another game until the league ditches their political stance. They don’t care about police officers; two can play that game. The NFL is dead to me. If I need a fix, I have college football.


    1. Hey, did you see that the idiot from Denver lost 2 big sponsors over this? Now he’s held a meeting with the police chief, going on ride alongs & going to some of the shooting training that the officers go through. And he claims losing those two sponsors wasn’t a big deal. Oh yeah, and one of the sponsors is a credit union that serves members of the armed forces.


      1. It’s why I posted that pic above. The Broncos are my favorite team, so I wanted to let everyone know I’m done with them, too. The lost sponsorship is fantastic. Not that he will learn anything from this.


  3. And the World Cup of Hockey is coming this weekend, too.
    Thank God for SiriusXM. I can mute the tube so I won’t have to listen to Barry Melrose Place.


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