Sunday Services


This week’s delicious, bodacious, luscious babe is supermodel Charlotte McKinney. Charlotte is my fall-back choice in the unlikely event Kate Upton spurns my advances.

BAYWATCH babe Charlotte McKinney bares all in her latest role in Pete Yorn’s new video ‘I’m Not The One’ – by stripping naked. New shots released from the video show the 23-year-old is dressed in a white balconette bra as she slides off her jeans.

Wait, there’s going to be a Baywatch remake? In the name of Vishnu why?


I mean, I’ll still watch it with my pants down around my ankles, but I won’t enjoy it.

There are more photos below the fold…

You know, “string bikini” is really a misnomer. A proper string bikini would be made of the strings, without the cumbersome fabric covering all the pink parts.


Of course, you can eliminate that misnomer by going naked with boots; always a terrific choice.


Since I won’t be watching the NFL, I’ll be in my bunk.

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