Here Ya Go, Eagles Fans


Minutes ago, three Philadelphia Eagles players raised their fists in protest during the national anthem in, ironically, Soldier Field. These NFL players have chosen their side, and it is not a side friendly to police officers, and white people in general.

The raised fist logo may represent unity or solidarity, generally with oppressed peoples. The black fist, also known as the Black Power fist is a logo generally associated with black nationalism and sometimes socialism. Its most widely known usage is by the Black Panther Party in the 1960s. A black fist logo was also adopted by the northern soul music subculture.

Now before people claim I am overreacting here, if these NFL players were taking shots at the military, people would be rioting in the streets. Rightly so. The fact is these pampered pricks are celebrated when they protest against the police because in the grand scheme of things, cops don’t matter. Not in politics, not in sports, and not in public.

Fuck Malcolm Jenkins, Steven Means, and Ron Brooks. Fuck the Philadelphia Eagles, and fuck the NFL. I am done with you forever.

14 thoughts on “Here Ya Go, Eagles Fans

  1. I hope all the people who say “Fuck the NFL” stick with it and not watch any more of the games, not buy any jerseys and ignore the commercials. This will get their attention. I know you mean it Wyatt but a lot of people talk the talk but have no idea how to walk it.


  2. Jack – ESPN and FOX Sports has been airing Soccer Sundays, showing two games that day. It’s been a blessing, along with the World Cup of Hockey. I have alternatives to the NFL, including turning off my TV. The NHL and MLS does not hate the police or America – at least not openly.

    Cathy – I guarantee most Eagles fans in Philly are just saying it. This is a football town, and they are slaves to this team. They are already saying, “It’s not all players. Don’t judge the team over a few dopes.” But that’s a spurious argument. The Eagles head coach supports this, the owner supports this, as does the NFL brass. And for the record, if the NHL did this, I’d be done with them, too. Hockey is my favorite sport, but I’d drop them immediately if they pulled this crap.

    Mike – Agreed. I chided my middle son for turning on the Eagles last night. At 12, he doesn’t get it yet, but I told him to get that off my TV. I love the Broncos – well, I did – but I have not seen one snap this year.

    RG – Agreed wholeheartedly. They believe – maybe rightly so – their fans will support them no matter what they do. I am only one guy, but I am doing my part to take a chunk out of their wallets.

    John D – That is heartening. Even if Goodell backtracks, I am probably still done with them. I can watch college football if I need a fix. After the 1994-95 MLB strike, they lost me as a fan forever. Boycotting the NFL will be a piece of cake.


    1. It is interesting to me how many people have commented on the 1994-1995 MLB strike. I was like my own son now is with football when it came to MLB. I could quote you all sorts of dumb stuff in MLB and knew everything current and past. When that all happened I just got tired of things and moved on. I have never paid attention to MLB since. I’ve probably tuned in to maybe a half dozen World Series games in the last 20 years, but never even watched the whole thing. It doesn’t interest me. I feel the same way about the NFL now. Living near Denver, this whole area is like you describe Philly. It’s like these fans are addicted to crack or meth. They just never stop.

      I still don’t believe the players have the freedom of speech to do or say what they want ON THE FIELD. They are employees and their employer has enforced conduct rules for eons on other things. Off the field, the can say what they want. It’s kind of strange to me how much this bugs me. Haven’t had a subject touch a nerve like this in ages. Anyone around here has figured out that if they mention NFL football, I will go off on the subject for 30-45 minutes. I really truly am done with the whole thing. (Gee, have I said that before?) I wish nothing but ill will and career ending injury on all these primadona traitorous assholes. More than that, I want to see the NFL as a whole lose a LOT of money. More money than any of us can comprehend. In the end, it’s all about the money.


  3. I think that the NFL has made a fatal mistake in allowing POLITICAL ACTIVISM on the playing field. When you think about sports in general, there has always been a line that has never been crossed between politics and the playing field. Kaepernick changed this forever, and so ends one of the best reasons to watch sports: The absence of politics. Watching sports has always been a great way to escape daily crap. Why watch the same crap spoil your sports?


  4. Mike – Exactly. Politics has inserted itself in almost every facet of entertainment. Sports were the final frontier, and now they have ruined that, as well.


  5. To be fair, while these three acted like assholes, four other Eagles were at Presby visiting Officer Miller. FOP5’s twitter posted the pic. Jordan Matthews, Trey Burton, Zach Ertz and Jordan Hicks.


  6. J – I’ll give them credit for that, especially since my oldest played soccer and lacrosse with Officer Miller’s son. I would give them more credit if they denounced the assholes in public.

    It’s – very vaguely – similar to the war on terror. Some Muslims murder a bunch of people and the moderate Muslims say nothing. I would respect the players who come out and say “These morons don’t speak for me.” So far, I haven’t heard that.


  7. You really want to get the point across? Go after the sponsors. Pepsi, McDonalds, Oikos Yogurt are 3 that come to mind. Contact them & tell them you’re done with them while these crybabies are pulling their crap.


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