PPD, U. Of Penn Officers Shot

philadelphia-murderer-nicholas-glennMeet Nicholas Glenn. This filthy piece of garbage embarked on a murderous shooting rampage Friday night, shooting two police officers, and four bystanders. One civilian died from her injuries.

The shooting rampage started about 11:18 p.m. when Nicholas Glenn walked up to a marked police cruiser at 52nd and Sansom Streets and just began firing. Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, who was sitting inside the car, was shot several times after Glenn fired off 18 shots, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

She and another officer, who was later shot – University of Pennsylvania officer Eddie Miller, 56, a former Philadelphia police sergeant who joined Penn’s force two years ago – were both in stable condition.

Young’s gun was hit and disabled during the ambush, so the U. of Penn officer had to honor of putting this animal to sleep.

One of the four civilians who was shot, Sara Salih, 25, who was sitting in a car at 49th and Sansom Streets, near where she lived, died. She was shot seven times in her torso and was pronounced dead at Penn Presbyterian at 1:56 a.m. Saturday.

The three other civilians who were shot – a 36-year-old man shot twice in his left arm and once in his right arm; a 42-year-old man shot twice in his left leg; and a 41-year-old woman shot once in her right ankle – were all in stable condition.

Sara Salih was only 25-years old, and this waste of oxygen shot her seven times for what? She wasn’t a threat, and she was not a law enforcement officer. Senseless. I sincerely hope Glenn is rotting in Hell.

Glenn was carrying a white, sealed envelope that read “Doomed People” on it, Ross said. The commissioner said police found a “rambling” letter allegedly written by the gunman in which he expressed hatred toward police and probation officers.

So to recap, two Philadelphia police officers were shot Friday night, two other people were murdered, and the Philadelphia Eagles are planning a “protest” during the national anthem this evening. In my opinion, the NFL is almost as despicable as Nicholas Glenn.

You can hear the radio transmissions below the fold.

12 thoughts on “PPD, U. Of Penn Officers Shot

  1. I have had it with the NFL, this current administration and Hillary Clinton for embracing and encouraging the BLM movement. We are watching our cities morph into chaos and “higher ups” are tying our police force’s hands. We are becoming a banana republic. I am thankful Glenn can’t do any more harm and I pray for the families of those killed and maimed and hope the injured have a speedy recovery.


  2. Metoo – It has been an extraordinarily violent week in Philadelphia. Thankfully the two officers will fully recover. Sadly, Glenn’s death is little comfort to the family of Sara Salih.


  3. “So to recap, two Philadelphia police officers were shot Friday night, two other people were murdered, and the Philadelphia Eagles are planning a “protest” during the national anthem this evening. In my opinion, the NFL is almost as despicable as Nicholas Glenn.”

    Agreed. If you’re truly sick and tired of this crap, don’t give a penny of your money to the NFL or any of its franchises. If people stop buying tickets, stop buying licensed merchandise, and even quit watching the games on TV, maybe Goodell and company will take notice. Sadly, the only way to get some people to do the right thing is to hit them in the pocketbook.

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  4. John – Exactly. My complete boycott began in week one and will continue for the interim. Maybe forever. If anything, the NFL has gotten much worse as opposed to better. There are better ways to spend my free time than giving these morons my attention.


  5. I just finished driving 30 minutes with my NFL addicted son, having a conversation about why the NFL sucks. Like most fanatical NFL fans, he doesn’t get my disdain for them, he only says, “I don’t care about the politics, I just want to watch football.”

    Well, duh, “me too.” But, since those racist assholes who pretend to play football have decided to make it political, I am never ever again going to watch their worthless overpaid crap on TV. I will NEVER buy anything remotely related to the NFL, from a t-shirt to a cheesehead or one of those big fingers. Instead, I will just give THEM the big finger.

    Somebody ought to go to whitehouse.gov and start one of those petitions to outlaw the NFL.


  6. Found an interesting link that many of you might find useful. Maybe even worthy of a post of its own:


    This is the NFL corporate website. They have a comments form where you can express your disdain for their league and the policies they have. If you read the comments, you’ll find there are a LOT of pissed off football fans. Go add your disdain to the mix, I sure did.


  7. RG – I sincerely hope the Eagles lose every game from here on out. Eagles fans won’t boycott them – because they’re gluttons for punishment – but the comments at the Philly.com story are almost 100% negative. It’s a good sign.


    1. Perhaps another good sign will be to see how loud they are booed by the fans. I don’t have cable/ESPN, so I can’t see for myself. Hey, at least when my kid watches football, it is on free, over the air, network TV. So, he will never be counted as a statistic as one of those people “watching” NFL football. He has to go to a friend’s place if he wants to watch Monday Night Football.


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