Southern Exposure


A study released by 40-year old virgins who have never seen a naked woman claim exposure to light will help sexually active men more successfully attack the pink fortress.

For many, the art of seduction starts with dimming the lights. But a new study suggests that bright light may help men with flagging sex drives to shine in bed.

Exposure to bright light – similar to daylight – boosts levels of the male hormone testosterone and can triple sexual satisfaction, the new research found.

While that seems palatable to the attractive men, ugly trolls like myself are cursed with sexual vampirism – the fear of boinking with the lights on – and that leaves us with a shrinking feeling.


7 thoughts on “Southern Exposure

  1. Certainly helps explain sex on the beach! I must admit it’s easy to be “frisky” in Hawaii….the beach, the sun, the ocean, the breeze, the palms.


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