The Yap Of Luxury

tony-yapias-alleged-rapistMeet Tony Yapias.

Tony is a liberal immigration activist who specializes in changing the demographics of America and demonizing those who disagree with him. Yapias combats the assertion some Mexican illegal immigrants have a penchant for rape.

It would seem irony is a harsh mistress.

You might remember a Hispanic political activist named Tony Yapias, who was extremely critical of Donald Trump’s assertion that some illegal Mexican aliens were rapists. Tony Yapias is the director of ‘Proyecto Latino de Utah’. Mr. Yapias also coordinated numerous protest events against Donald Trump including a rather violent display in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This week Tony Yapias has been arrested for rape. However, not only was Yapias arrested for rape – his victim was, …wait for it…, yep, an illegal alien.

“The victim again made it clear she was not interested in continuing a relationship and did not want to engage in sex,” documents state. “The defendant forced the issue and had sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent.” (H/T – Kevin)

Wow, why would such a handsome devil have to resort to raping a woman?

Normally I would thank Vishnu that we would never have to see or hear this jagoff ever again. Unfortunately, Yapias is a liberal activist, and even if he is convicted, he will still be given a platform to spew his vitriol to law-abiding Americans.

After all, being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.


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