Bush League


George H. W. Bush, easily America’s most conservative president, has reportedly claimed he will be voting for the equally conservative Hillary Clinton in November.

Former President George H.W. Bush is bucking his party’s presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, according to a member of another famous political family, the Kennedys.

Bush, 92, had intended to stay silent on the White House race between Clinton and Donald Trump, a sign in and of itself of his distaste for the GOP nominee. But his preference for the wife of his own successor, President Bill Clinton, nonetheless became known to a wider audience thanks to Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

Look, I respect GHW Bush a great deal as a person. The man is a war hero. I do not respect GHW Bush as a politician. He and Ronald Reagan were on the opposite sides of nearly every issue, and his affinity for the Clinton family speaks volumes. The MSM will make a big deal of this because they believe it is a game-changer, but really, is anyone waiting for Bush’s endorsement with bated breath?

10 thoughts on “Bush League

  1. I am so disappointed in the Bush family. Right now they strike me as a bunch of sore losers. There is no way on God’s green earth I want another Bush or another Clinton. Both families have done more than enough damage in my opinion.

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  2. “The MSM will make a big deal of this because they believe it is a game-changer…”

    Would that be the same MSM that predicted a Jeb victory mere minutes after he announced he was running for the GOP nomination? You remember Jeb, right? He was the candidate that outspent pretty much all of his rivals combined, yet still failed to crack double digits in the polls… The media doesn’t have a clue. Neither do the political elites. Or are those two one and the same?


  3. Two points: One, can this source who allegedly betrayed Bush’s confidence be trusted?

    Two, if I’m the Trump campaign, I put out an ad aimed at Bernie supporters and say, “Look! Bernie was right! Hillary and that warmonger Bush are peas in a pod!”

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  4. Politically, all of the Bushes are way too much into Big Government for my taste. I’ve never liked HW or Jeb at all.

    Character wise though, I think W is a good man. My wife’s brother in law died in Iraq in 2003. Her sister relates multiple experiences of herself and other loved ones of fallen servicemen/women meeting with and being consoled by W personally. He never announced these events or allowed the press to be present in any capacity. So while I have policy disagreements about government with him, I think he had the most personal character of any of the Presidents since Reagan.



  5. John – In many cases they are interchangeable – like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

    Proof – 1. – Normally no, but Bush’s spokesperson’s blow-off of the question makes me think he said it.

    2. Absolutely! Trying to win over Bernie Bros would be a smart move.

    Loki – I agree wholeheartedly. I loved GW Bush, and while he made mistakes, I think he is a very good man. He has also been rather silent this election cycle, which I think is a good thing.


  6. I’d think if there were some pseudo Republicans trying to figure out if they were RINO’s or conservatives, seeing GHWB endorse HilLIARy would probably push them into Trump’s camp anyway. I’m with Metoo in not wanting anything to do with any Bush or Clinton.


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