The Train In Spain Falls Mainly On… You

renfe-trainPeople who simply have no f**ks to give have always had a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, I am a responsible worker who is always on time and works hard while many of my coworkers walk in an hour late and zone out for most of the day.

Just once I’d like to do something like this

A train conductor in Spain left more than 100 passengers stranded as he abandoned the train because his shift had ended.

According to The Local, 109 passengers were briefly stranded on the train bound for Madrid when the conductor shut down the engine and left the controls of the train at a stop in Osorno even though no other conductor was available.

Passengers were told the trip was delayed due to “technical issues,” as the conductor had exceeded his maximum hours of work for the day.

Forget El Cid; this guy is the greatest hero in Spanish history!

A few years ago, we had a detective here who was six months away from retirement. The guy gets assigned a clusterf**k job – a few victims, a ton of witnesses, and a large crime scene – and he stands up and says, “F**k it. I quit.” The guy walked out the door and retired. It was a classic move.


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