Don’t Cry For Me, Brangelina


Ladies and gentlemen, set your faces to “stunned.” Another Hollywood power couple is calling it quits.

Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. TMZ confirms the news, and says Jolie filed Monday and lists the date of separation as Sept. 15. TMZ reports that there was no cheating involved (though Page Six claims Jolie busted Pitt having an affair with co-star Marion Cotillard), just a fight over how Pitt parents the couple’s six children. Jolie is seeking sole physical custody of the kids, with Pitt being granted only visitation.

An attorney for Jolie Pitt, Robert Offer, said the decision to divorce was made “for the health of the family.” Sources say Jolie was “fed up” with Pitt’s substance abuse, including pot and booze, combined with what she saw as anger issues.

I actually feel sorry for Brad. How will he ever find another smoking hot Hollywood starlet to bang?


7 thoughts on “Don’t Cry For Me, Brangelina

  1. When on earth will people realize that “if they cheat with you…..they’ll cheat on you if you ever marry.” My sage advice for the day.


  2. Metoo – Hollywood types should never get married; it almost always in a bitter, costly divorce. Although in fairness to Pitt, men are weak, ravenous sex addicts, and when surrounded by beautiful women all day, every day, many succumb to the pink parts.


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