British Author Is Perfectly Blunt


A British author believes the actress who will play the lead in her book’s movie adaptation is too pretty for the role. What, is it a Hillary Clinton biopic?

The author of the book of Emily Blunt‘s new movie “The Girl on a Train” thinks the actress is too pretty to play the lead role.

Paula Hawkins said although Blunt was made to look “a bit shit,” she was still too attractive.

You may remember Blunt as the hoor who said she regretted becoming an American citizen after watching a GOP Debate, so if Ms. Hawkins wants the actress uglied up, I’m sure there will be a steady stream of volunteers.


3 thoughts on “British Author Is Perfectly Blunt

  1. I’d be fine with her moving back to England and never showing her face here again. But of course that won’t happen because she is narcissistic and greedy and will make a lot more money here and have many more adoring fans. I wish these Hollywood people would just do what they were hired to do and otherwise shut their darn pie holes.


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