Calling In A Prayer Strike

Mom Press Conference

Yesterday my mother was carrying groceries into her home when she slipped and fell down the stairs. Mom is 70, so the fall was more severe than usual. My sister recently moved in with her boyfriend, so mom is living alone. Thankfully, a neighbor took her to the hospital, and they determined she fractured her spine – specifically, the L1 vertebrae.

Mom was admitted into the hospital, and the trauma docs and the neurologist are looking her over. So, if you could keep mama Earp in your prayers, I’d really appreciate it.

8 thoughts on “Calling In A Prayer Strike

  1. Thanks all. Mom talked to the surgeons, and decided to forego physical therapy and chose surgery. On her spine. Earps are nothing if not daring, as I was pushing for surgery with my intestinal issue. Tomorrow is my day off, and I’ll be spending the morning with mom.


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