Buenos Hairys

argentinian-group-protests-objectification-of-womenAn Argentinian feminist group stripped in front of the congress to protest the objectification of women.

In other news, I am planning to eat a t-bone steak to protest the killing of animals for food.

A group of women sparked surprise outside Argentina’s national congress when they shed their clothes and strolled around completely naked in a protest about objectifying women. The members of the Urbanudismo campaign are calling for the acceptance of the naked female form, saying their actions are neither sexual or provocative.

The protest lasted several minutes until police were called because it was making passers-by ‘uncomfortable’ – including one man who looked especially awkward when approached by a naked woman.

Well that certainly wasn’t a congressman then. A congressman would have bent her over a bench and started, um, “polling the electorate.”

7 thoughts on “Buenos Hairys

    1. I’ve heard that horny old goat likes ’em young now…as in under 18 (one of his buddies has an island nicknamed “pedo-isle” & rumor has it BC is a frequent visitor).


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