Fail To The Victors

michigan-wolverines-protest-national-anthemRegular readers probably know I am a huge Michigan Wolverines fan. I started following them when I was ten years old, and supported them through thick and thin.

Now, after 37 years, a ridiculous national anthem protest has thrown the Michigan football program into Philadelphia Eagles territory. The Wolverines are officially dead to me.

Players for the Michigan and Michigan State football teams were seen protesting the national anthem in their respective games Saturday.

The Wolverines and Spartans were the latest athletes to follow the example set by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who sparked national discussion by first sitting β€” then kneeling β€” for the national anthem as a form of protest.

Several Michigan players were also seen raising gloved right hands prior to Michigan’s home game against Penn State.

My argument is this: if you are going to perform a black power salute, go all the way. Tell white America – especially white police officers – you do not need or want their support. Be open about it, and believe me, your white fans (and financial base) will go away quietly.

I will never watch another Michigan game again, and my Michigan apparel is going to Goodwill.

7 thoughts on “Fail To The Victors

  1. Wyatt: Before you donate your Michigan jerseys, remember that with a good pair of scissors, they can be transformed into Earth friendly cleaning rags! Think how much more fun cleaning would be, dragging the name of a formerly favorite player or school through the messiest of messes!


  2. I am so sorry if I was the one to alert you to this. I was just so disappointed that this whole BLM mess has infiltrated college football. I get the whole free speech thing but these guys are going to cost their schools lots of money with these idiotic protests. Schools really count on the money raised from national TV. Another dream comes crashing down…….


  3. Proof – The only person I will not hold a grudge against is Tom Brady. He wasn’t protesting, and he was so damned good at Michigan. πŸ™‚

    Metoo – I learned it from you, but don’t be sorry. I’d rather know and make the adjustments than not know and unwittingly cheer for these jagoffs.


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