I’m Hillary, And I’ll Be Your Server

hillary-clinton-and-barack-obama-laughingIn the aftermath of the Hillary Clinton e-mail server scandal, politicians and pundits alike are asking why the FBI declined to prosecute the Democratic nominee. After Friday’s document dump, the answer is clear.

The FBI had just shown [Huma Abedin] an old e-mail exchange, over Clinton’s private account, between the then-secretary of state and a second person, whose name Abedin did not recognize. The FBI then did what the FBI is never supposed to do: The agents informed their interviewee (Abedin) of the identity of the second person. It was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, using a pseudonym to conduct communications over a non-secure e-mail system — something anyone with a high-level security clearance, such as Huma Abedin, would instantly realize was a major breach.

Abedin was sufficiently stunned that, for just a moment, the bottomless capacity of Clinton insiders to keep cool in a scandal was overcome. “How is this not classified?”

Abedin knew an insurance policy when she saw one. If Obama himself had been e-mailing over a non-government, non-secure system, then everyone else who had been doing it had a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The president of the United States claimed he only heard about the home-brewed e-mail server by watching the news. The fact of the matter is Obama not only knew about the illegal server, but also transmitted classified information through it.

If a Republican president tried this he would be impeached; and rightly so.

6 thoughts on “I’m Hillary, And I’ll Be Your Server

  1. We no longer have an FBI nor a Department of Justice that cares about true justice in this country. Saul Alinksy’s plans are alive and well and working.


  2. Metoo – I don’t single out Comey. I lump in the entire organization with this, because if any of those agents had any integrity, they would be in front of TV cameras exposing the farce.

    Rob – Agreed. Look at the damage done in just eight years. Now add eight more years of Hillary.

    Proof – Or the Beta version of Reagan.


  3. FBI has been a political tool for years. The agents, as many Feds are, only interested in backstabbing each other and jockeying for the next promotion. Having worked on a few joint task forces has shown me how little they share information and credit for the cases other non federal agencies start and do most of the ground work. Famous But Imcompetent.


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