Back To Basics

Mom Press ConferenceMy mother will be undergoing surgery at 2:30 this afternoon to repair her fractured L-1 vertebrae. Back surgery is a risky proposition, especially for a 70-year old patient.

If all goes well, mom’s vertebrae will be fixed and after some physical therapy she’ll be good as new.

Obviously, mom could use a few prayers if you can spare them. It will be a very long, stressful day for my family, and thanks to our lousy manpower situation, I need to be in work until 3pm.

UPDATE: The surgery went well and mom is resting. She’s in tremendous pain, but we think the worst is over.

11 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. Jenn – Thanks. With the surgery and her recent memory loss, we may have to take her in. It’ll be a huge adjustment for everyone, but she steadfastly refuses to be placed into an assisted living facility.

    Sully – Thank you.

    Toothy – Thanks. We’re still waiting to hear what’s next as far as therapy, etc.


  2. Prayers, Wyatt. The therapy may lead to a change of mind on assisted living (we went through this with my now-late mother-in-law in 2000. She wanted the “independence” that assisted living gave her.). At any rate, good luck and prayers.


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