Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016


With all the personal stress this week, I completely forgot to post about Arnie’s passing.

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer died Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh, his longtime spokesman and friend Doc Giffin told ESPN. Palmer was 87.

According to his longtime agent, Alastair Johnston, Palmer died of complications from heart problems. Johnston said Palmer was admitted to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian on Thursday for some cardiovascular work and weakened over the past few days.

Palmer, who was nicknamed “The King,” won seven major championships during his professional career, which spanned more than five decades. He won the Masters four times, The Open twice and the U.S. Open once.

When someone passes away, people always claim the decedent was a terrific guy, whether they mean it or not. Arnold Palmer was a legend in the sport, a great humanitarian, and a true gentleman. He will be sorely missed.


4 thoughts on “Arnold Palmer, 1929-2016

  1. My father, who passed away in 1994, was three years younger than Arnold Palmer. He loved to golf and played on his high school team for North Huntingdon. I still have his letter in a box somewhere. He told me that if he would have been a couple years older that he would have competed against Mr. Palmer and that would have probably made him give up the game by being crushed by Arnie……………..

    RIP, Mr. Palmer. You were the king………………………………..


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