Sad Sacks

brass-ballsIn this fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world, people are looking for more efficient ways to make themselves more aesthetically appealing. Women are not the only ones jumping on the physical improvement train, however; men are now lining up for makeovers.

The number of men enquiring about scrotox. – yes, that’s having Botox injected into your scrotum – has doubled in the past year.

The op, which can cost up to £2,800, helps ease sweating, lessens the appearance of wrinkles and makes the scrotum appear larger by helping the muscles relax.

It is already a staple on the menu at clinics across the US, and with the UK around three years behind the plastic surgery times, experts say they expect to see a surge in interest in the coming years.

Obviously, I do not need scrotox – I possess the Venus de Milo of scrotums – but other men may be interested. Hey, maybe Lance Armstrong can volunteer; he already qualifies for a half off coupon!


4 thoughts on “Sad Sacks

  1. I’ve got news for you, Wyatt. Any woman who has had to witness any man from behind, and he is naked, bending over…………..needs this stuff regardless of age and physical fitness.


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