A Genuine Sin Tax

crooked-hillary-clintonA Daily Caller investigation revealed the country’s most corrupt political family’s tax deductions mirror payments to Bryan Pagliano; the man who set up Hillary Clinton’s illegal, home-brewed e-mail server.

Tax deductions that Bill and Hillary Clinton took for computer maintenance expenses match up closely with payments they made to Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s personal email technician.

The payments to Pagliano were revealed Friday from his Dec. 22 interview with the bureau. Investigators cited documents showing that the Clintons made a $5,000 transfer to Pagliano in 2009, and another in June 2011 for $8,350.83.

The Clintons’ publicly available tax filings show that the former first couple deducted similar amounts from Bill Clinton’s speechmaking income for computer maintenance expenses in those same years. (H/TAOSHQ)

So not only did the Clintons pay Pagliano for his e-mail mock-up, but they also gave themselves a tax deduction for his illegal shenanigans. But by all means, let’s give these people the presidency again.

3 thoughts on “A Genuine Sin Tax

  1. All those in favor of under the table “shenanigans” vote for Hilz! You can join George H.W. Bush and his granddaughter, Barbara Bush in going blue this time around. I can’t imagine Jeb ever running for even dog catcher after many in his family vote for Clinton. Although, to be honest, I have never forgiven Bush the elder for messing up everything Reagan left him.


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