Rise Of The Machines

pennsylvania-voting-machinesA leading cyber-security firm analyzed the nation’s voting apparatus to find those most susceptible to hacks. It should surprise no one my state is at the top of the list.

According to the report, prepared by Carbon Black, Pennsylvania is vulnerable because of its voting systems. With just over a month away, elections offices around the state and country are preparing.

Carbon Black blames the outdated computer systems for the vulnerability in Pennsylvania. Professor Rob D’Ovidio is a cyber security expert with Drexel University and read the entire report. He says many, not all, precincts in Pennsylvania use computer equipment without a backup paper trail.

“Some of our machines are very outdated running on legacy operating systems, old operating systems like Windows XP that’s not even being supported by Microsoft at this point,” D’Ovidio told Eyewitness News.

Well, it’s not like there is rampant voter fraud in Philadelphia or anything. The fact voter machines are running Windows XP, released in 2001, should throw up a red flag. That system probably has more viruses than Kim Kardashian, which leads me to believe the Democrats will sweep PA once again.

3 thoughts on “Rise Of The Machines

  1. There’s something to be said for Iowa using paper ballots. As long as the scanners are safe, everything’s good. Yes, I am choosing to be naive in regard to voting safety. Dead people still get to vote in Iowa.


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