Cuffed And Collared

edie-simms-arrested102-year old St. Louis resident Edie Simms scratched another item off her bucket list this week when she was “arrested” and placed in the back of a police car.

As the police cruiser pulled up to the 5 Star Senior Center in South St. Louis, it wasn`t public enemy number one inside, but number 102.

“Did you enjoy your ride this morning?” asks Patrick Clark. “Oh yes, handcuffs and all,” laughs Edie Simms, 102-years young.

“These types of events and Ms. Simms help us do that and we`re more than happy to do these type of things,” says St. John McLaughlin, St. Louis Police Department. “We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do.”

That`s right, the little old lady from South County fulfilled a backseat bucket list wish. In her 102 years on this earth, she had never set foot in the back of a police car until today.

Ever the one to go above and beyond the call of duty, the police officer also tased Ms. Simms and beat her within an inch of her life.

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