It’s 4:30, Time For Milking


An Amish teen has been arrested for driving his buggy under the influence. Four of the defendant’s friends were also cited for tipping more than cows. True fact: this is exactly how Islamic terror started.

A Pennsylvania Amish teen is charged with driving his buggy drunk. The driver and passengers were also cited with underage drinking.

The charges are the result of an incident in Indiana County on July 8th. A State Trooper spotted an Amish buggy with two people riding on the roof.

During the traffic stop 20 unopened bottles and cans of beer were seized from inside the buggy along with two open cans of beer. (H/T – Jim F.)

In fairness, the lads were simply searching for a few women who could help “churn their butter” if you know what I mean.


5 thoughts on “It’s 4:30, Time For Milking

  1. It’s actually a huge problem among the Mennonites where I used to work. Drunk and drugged driving (buggying?), caused way too many fatal crashes. They look pretty but a buggy will lose against a car anyday. The teenage freedom to explore the world before they commit to the church is seriously dangerous. It’s a sad culture clash.


  2. Jenn – It’s sad because when they first venture out into that world they are totally unprepared for it, and the alcohol makes them crazier than the average teen.


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