Giving Lindsay The Finger


You have to hand it to Lindsay Lohan; she really has her finger on the pulse of medical procedures.

The 30-year-old actress was riding on a boat in Turkey with some friends when she attempted to pull the anchor up but instead got tangled up in it and was pulled into the water. As she was trying to free herself, the anchor sliced off the tip of her ring finger on her left hand.

Lohan was rushed to the emergency room where a plastic surgeon reattached part of the finger.

Hey Lindsay, here’s a tip; the next time you want to nail down a good time, lie under some palms instead.


10 thoughts on “Giving Lindsay The Finger

  1. I hate wordpress and I hate the evil password keepers that all this crap has generated that don’t really keep your passwords!

    That said, you can hand it to her all you want, she is probably going to drop it anyway.


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