Point Break


This may sound like a whining post – well, it IS a whining post – but to be fair, I am going to whine about all my crap at once, then never try to mention it again. So either bear with me, or wait a bit until the next post. Your choice.

First off, I have been very sick for almost a week now. I am recovering from a bout of the shingles, and I have the actual flu. Not flu symptoms, or a cold, the ass-kicking flu. The only good health news I’ve received this week was my yearly skin cancer screening was negative.

Work has been a nightmare these past few weeks. It’s not due to the crime or the criminals, but due in part by my coworkers. It seems everyone has decided to adopt Homer Simpson’s “Can’t Someone Else Do It?” mantra. Many of the detectives in my squad show at least a half hour late every day – if they show up at all – and when they do, they spend more time bitching about jobs, complainants, or supervisors than they do solving crimes.

Now I’m not the model employee by any stretch of the imagination, but I am always at work on time – usually early – work my ass of while I’m there, and rarely use sick or vacation time. (The last two days notwithstanding, since I am actually very sick.) I’m tired of the whining, tired of the lackadaisical attitudes, and tired of being the only responsible person in the building.

But wait, there’s more…

Fall lacrosse has begun, and while Kyle and I love being back, my situation has become much more stressful. I am most likely going to be on volunteer status again this year – aka, no salary – and while that’s not a huge problem, a few extra bucks would really help out. On top of that, the other assistant coach is attempting a coup, and doing his lever best to usurp the head coach’s authority. While I am obviously siding with the head coach, the entire drama is not at all what I need right now.

Mom is recovering from her back surgery and currently undergoing physical therapy at a local medical center. With the surgery, her overall health, and forgetfulness, she is going to move in with us when she is discharged. Kevin and Erik will go from separate rooms to roommates, and they are not even remotely happy. They love their grandmother, but the change is already taking its toll.

The stress is affecting everyone, especially Mrs. Earp, who will be home with mom most of the time.

On top of all that, Mrs. Earp’s father was just diagnosed with lung cancer. Although he never smoked a day in his life, the doctors determined the cancer is terminal. They are giving him chemotherapy to extend and improve his quality of life, but the cancer is incurable.

I am trying to be optimistic about things, and trying to avoid a downward spiral into depression, but the stress has literally made me sick. I can handle drama. I can even handle a lot of drama. But this mountain of drama is completely overwhelming.

11 thoughts on “Point Break

  1. Hang in there. You have a great family. They’ll keep you strong. You missed a word up there somewhere, I’m thinking it’s Mrs. Earp’s father with the cancer, but not sure. I’ll keep your family in my prayers. Get well soon.


  2. Toothy – It’s okay. Not much I can say, either, and I probably won’t bring it up again. Liffe is filled with stress. We sometimes need to suck it up and deal.

    Proof – Ugh, the contract would alleviate my stress!

    EO – Thanks, sir.

    TXNick – Thanks. It’s been a less-than-stellar week and a half.

    Phillip – Yes it certainly does. I’ll be happy if I can return to work Saturday. If nothing else, it’ll be a distraction.


  3. I’m sorry things are so rough! It’s not easy dealing with that many stressors at once. *hug*

    If all else fails, you can hide in Canada. It’s a bit cold up here but our politicians are less crazy, our money is more colourful and our beer is better. Plus, poutine. And maple syrup. Oh yah, and our hockey team actually wins. (Sorry for that kick while you’re down)


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