Lawyers, Buns, And Money

homer-simpson-thinking-in-the-bathroomThe hierarchy of most despised people is chock full of the usual suspects: politicians, news anchors, cancer researchers. None of these villains come close to the bile reserved for lawyers, however.

That bile is deserved, especially after this revelation.

Lawyers at a top international firm were told to charge clients even when they were taking lavatory breaks — because they would still be thinking about work.

It was revealed earlier this year that top law firms are charging clients as much as $1,653, meaning that a six-minute lavatory break could cost up to $165.

The time recording policy at Nabarro, a major commercial firm, which was leaked to legal website RollOnFriday earlier this year, read: “Any short break, eg coffee break, of up to six minutes should still be recorded to the matter you are currently working on, on the basis that you would still be thinking about it.”

No one, and I mean no one, is thinking about work while they are going to the bathroom. Most of us are wondering if the hot rookie cop looks good naked, whatever happened to Chocodiles, and if it is normal to see blood in the toilet. Or is that just me?

5 thoughts on “Lawyers, Buns, And Money

  1. What are Chocodiles?? We miss out on a lot of things here in fly over country. I, too, am curious about hot rookie cops but will wait for Sunday Services.


  2. I have had dreams about work. I guess that would be billable too. You know what you call a thousand lawyers buried up the their necks? A good start.


  3. Ingineer – Agreed. My dreams about work are either me burning down the building to eliminate all the stupid people, or tearing off the clothes of the hot redhead cop in the building. You know, either or.


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