Una Idea Realmente Estúpida


Once a thriving steel town, Allentown, PA has collapsed into a den of iniquity. The city’s violent crime rate is one of the highest in the country, the economy is in the tanks, and its politicians are all Democratic and stupid. But I repeat myself.

Now one Democratic city councilman is ready to change all that by implementing the greatest stimulus package of all time.

A councilman wants to honor the city’s Hispanic population – which represents nearly half the city’s 120,000 residents – by installing Spanish-language street signs on the busy thoroughfare.

Democratic Councilman Julio Guridy thinks the signs are a small but long overdue gesture of respect to the city’s growing Hispanic community, but others are against the proposal, calling it unnecessary and divisive.

It is not only unnecessary and divisive, but also pandering. Democrats are always playing to their strengths, I suppose, and people eat it up.

Critics also say the proposal for the signs is a distraction from issues of poverty, drugs, crime and lack of opportunity in Allentown’s urban core.

“With all the problems this community has, please don’t talk to me about signs,” said John Rosario, 54, who moved to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic about four decades ago and owns a Seventh Street insurance, tax and real estate business.

I liken this story to the one the other day about the Philly city councilperson who claimed the food truck’s name was racist. These piss-ant local politicians will do anything to keep a grip on their minuscule amount of power. This entire project is a waste of money which could be better spent hiring more police officers, creating jobs, of eliminating city council seats.


8 thoughts on “Una Idea Realmente Estúpida

  1. Obviously this elected idiot wants to spend more money the city does NOT have. Just keep piling up the debt while piling on free stuff.


  2. Proof – Because Councilman Julio Guridy is only concerned with his people, not the rest of the city.

    Metoo – Allentown is rotting from the inside out, and wasting money on stupid crap is not going to elevate the city out of recession.


  3. Back in the mid 90’s, our wonderful (just ask him) mayor wanted to re-name one of our older streets Cesar Chavez Way. The citizens were unhappy with it, but it was way more fun to listen to all the doctors, dentists, pharmacies & other businesses blow up because they were going to have to change all their letter heads, business cards, web sites, billing addresses with the insurance companies & all their other paperwork. Needless to say, mr. mayor kept insisting that the street name be changed, right up until he was voted out by a huge majority.

    3 guesses what the ethnicity of the mayor was…


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