Trimming The Bush

george-orwell-newspeakNBC, America’s bastion of free speech and tolerance, has suspended Today Show host Billy Bush. Bush’s war crime? Engaging in a vulgar conversation with Donald Trump eleven years ago.

Billy Bush has been suspended from the “Today” show “pending further review of the matter.” It is unclear if he will ever return to the broadcast.

The sudden change came amid a chorus of calls for disciplinary action against Bush over his vulgar 2005 conversation with Donald Trump that was caught on tape and revealed on Friday.

NBC sources initially said Bush was not being disciplined and that he would be in his usual spot as co-host of the “Today” show’s 9 a.m. hour on Monday morning. But on Sunday afternoon, senior NBC executives made the decision to bench Bush on Monday, effectively reprimanding him.

Look, I could not care less about Billy Bush, the Today Show, or NBC in general. I do care about hypocrisy, especially when it is so blatant on the part of NBC. This network paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 to appear as a “television correspondent.” Chelsea Clinton’s father is Bill Clinton, a man accused of rape, sexual violence, vulgar language, and other indecent behavior.

So why was Chelsea Clinton’s relationship with her “alleged” rapist father a positive, while Bush’s conversation a negative? Oh, that’s right; the Clintons are Democrats and Trump is a Republican.

7 thoughts on “Trimming The Bush

  1. Question: If “Colon” Kaepernick can use his “free speech” to be vulgar towards many Americans, why can’t Trump and Bush talk about “pussy” all they want? What’s up with the double standard?


  2. Billy Bush’s crime IMHO, was that…he laughed! He should have taken to his fainting couch or run screaming from the room. Instead, he enabled Trump in his misogyny, much like Hillary assassinating the character of Bill’s accusers. Or maybe not?


  3. Mike – Agreed. Guilt by association, and his only association with Trump was standing next to him that day. I agree with some have said on talk radio: Trump should reply, “Yeah, well I was a Democrat back then.”


  4. The thing that gets me was where were these holier than thou mental midgets 8 years ago when the left was posting the most disgustingly hateful things about the vice presidential nominee.


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