A Shot In The Arm


Good news! Evidence suggests the flu vaccine may be as useless as a book in Lindsay Lohan’s house.

The CDC says that last year, the effectiveness of the flu shot was less than 40%, and the year before that, it was only 14% effective. That’s astonishingly low.

Just think if your polio or tetanus vaccination were only 14% reliable. You’d think something is wrong. Vaccines are not supposed to have such low rates of effectiveness.

The problem is that the flu mutates every year and becomes something slightly different. The companies that make the vaccine base their vaccine on last year’s flu, which is already gone. They try to tinker with last year’s flu to guess what this year’s flu will be like, but they are often wrong, hence the low effectiveness rate.

So why would the CDC continually promote this alleged vaccine if it doesn’t work? It’s not like they’re making money off… oh, wait. I’ll be skipping the flu shot this year. If I want to be poked, I’ll go hang outside Elena Satine’s house.


3 thoughts on “A Shot In The Arm

  1. If you work in the healthcare field, they are required. And, since I have serious lung issues from sarcoidosis and asthma, I don’t dare NOT get a flu shot along with the pneumonia shot. So far, they have worked for me, thankfully. I don’t blame you “young-ins” for not getting one, though.


  2. Toothy – I hear it’s riddled with lead paint chips. That’s why I’m so “special.”

    Metoo – I would get them at the doctor’s office when I was there, but I haven’t had one in a while.


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