Erin Go Braghless

heather-graham-bralessWith all the stress surrounding my life – four kids, a hectic career, that pesky bout of anal warts – my memory has not been in peak form. To illustrate that point, I just now learned National No Bra Daywas yesterday.

Damn my feeble brain!

National No Bra Day is observed annually on October 13. This is a day to leave your bra at home.

National No Bra Day is meant to promote breast cancer awareness and to help raise money for research. Many women who have survived breast cancer are unable to go without a bra as they need it to hold their prosthesis after surgery. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and National No Bra Day should serve as a reminder for all women to be screened for breast cancer.


Excuse me, but I think the answer to that question is “intently.”


8 thoughts on “Erin Go Braghless

  1. Had my mammo a couple months ago. All is well on the Lane “front”. By the way, breast cancer is on the rise in males. You guys need to do self exams or have those “close to you” show you how it’s done.

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