Cans Crushing Cans


Yes, America is on the decline, and yes, we have become the joke of the free world, but we still have more fabulous babes with fabulous talents than anywhere else on the planet.

A daring young woman has discovered that she is able to pull off a seemingly painful party trick — crushing beer cans with her breasts.

The woman, who is referred to as Hales, was filmed by her sister as she showed off her newfound talent.

In the clip, Hales’s sister tells to ‘go’ before she leaps in the air and slams her breasts down onto a Bud Light beer can on the table. Hales immediately starts giggling with delight as she inspects the crushed can in front of her.

I sincerely love this woman, and want her to father her children. Hales, be my bride. BE MY BRIDE!

The video is posted below the fold…

Seriously Hales, call me!


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