North Carolina GOP Office Firebombed


While everyone is sick and tired of this presidential campaign, some people have really gone off the reservation. So much so, they resorted to hurling firewater at their political enemies.

Hillsborough police said somebody threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP HQ, setting supplies and furniture ablaze.

A swastika and the words “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” were spray painted on the side of an adjacent building. No damage estimates were available.

“The firebombing of a local political headquarters in Orange County is clearly an attack on our democracy,” Governor Pat McCrory said in a statement. “Violence has no place in our society – but especially in our elections. … I will use every resource as governor to assist local authorities in this investigation.”

Now before anyone rushes to judgment, this attack could have been orchestrated by anyone.

The county is overwhelmingly Democratic. Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans 5-1.

Ohhh… well I guess that narrows down the list of suspects.


7 thoughts on “North Carolina GOP Office Firebombed

  1. An interesting sidenote: Local Democrats started a “Go Fund Me” page, with a goal of $10K to send the Republicans, and raised $13K in 40 minutes.
    Unfortunately, the disruption, loss of printed campaign materials, voter lists, equipment, etc. will not be ameliorated by cash for this election cycle, this close to the election.


  2. The drip drip drip of wilkileaks showing the depth of liberal/Clinton/Democrat collusion, corruption and lies. Project Veritas videos showing admitted voter fraud and now today new ones showing coordination between the Clinton Campaign and groups inciting fake violence at Trump rallies. A couple weeks ago that Hillabeast pondered why she isn’t 50 points ahead.
    I ponder why she isn’t 50 points behind or in prison.
    And that, is a scary line of thought indeed. We’re hosed.

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