Human Wastes Dump Human Waste


While traveling through Georgia, a Democrat tour bus pulled to the side of the road, and jettisoned human waste into a neighborhood storm drain. Yes, the Democrats literally shat upon Georgia.

Lawrenceville police are investigating a claim that involves a Democratic National Committee tour bus illegally dumping human waste in between campaign stops.

A report of Democrats breaking the law? The hell you say!

Police say when they arrived on the scene, toilet paper was scattered everywhere and there was a foul smell.

Um, they’re Democrats, brah; they always smell… usually of Hillary’s granny panties and shame.

A Lawrenceville businessman took several photos of the tour bus dumping waste into the storm drain. You can see in the pictures, a liquid coming from the bottom of the bus. A HAZMAT crew had to be called to the location.

Luckily for the DNC, they dumped the dismembered bodies of Hillary’s enemies at the Florida state line.


6 thoughts on “Human Wastes Dump Human Waste

  1. Laws are just for the little people. Me, I’m not surprised that that bus was so full of $hit that they had to emergently dump some of it.


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